Two Essential Tips to Improve Your Sales On Fiverr

2 min readApr 19, 2020


After setting up your profile and gig, messages will likely start coming in. Here’s how to deal with them so that you get more sales.

Vetting Customers

Most people blindly take on any customer on Fiverr. They forget that their time is valuable. Taking on a bad customer is a drain on energy, emotions, resources as well as your Fiverr metrics.

When engaging with someone on Fiverr, the first thing you must pay attention to is if they are right for you and you are right for them.

Signs of Potential Bad Clients (Based On My Experience)

  1. Very bad english / many typos
  2. Panic / Anxiety tone
  3. Sending extremely long, rambling messages
  4. Bargaining
  5. Extreme urgency
  6. Extremely detailed and nitpicky
  7. Your own gut instinct

Especially with Fiverr, taking on a bad customer leaves you open to bad reviews, which might ruin all of your future businesses.

Not only that, your order completion metrics will go down and you might fail to be promoted.

Vetting your customers on Fiverr will help you find the right ones you need to bring your business to a higher revenue in the long term.

Problem Discovery

A customer is the sole reason for a business’s existence. The main job for your gig is solving a customer’s problem.

Your customer does not care how many lines of code your write or whether red and blue are complementary color profiles or the endless minute that you’re undoubtably an expert at. All these details must serve a purpose of solving their problem.

When trying to close a lead from fiverr, your second task is to find out what their problem is, and convincing them you are firstly, the right person to solve this problem, and secondly, able to go above and beyond to solve their problem.

Somethings they can’t articulate what their problem is, and it is your task to bring clarity to them and in some cases, redefine what the real problem is.

Here’s an example. A potential leads wants to know how much is it to design new ads for social media as she is not happy with the existing design. After asking questions, she admits her ads are not converting well at all as she is not good at running them. So now peeling back the laters, she reveals the real problem. An amateur would happily take up the design job, but a customer focused seller would get to the bottom of a customer’s problem. But that’s not all, we have to ask, why is the ad not converting? Turns out, the very store that the ads are leading to is poorly designed and not conversion friendly. In the end, what she needs is a store revamp before any work is put into ads.

Using problem discovery will help you consistently close more leads.


Use these two concepts to help make sure you have a sustainable business on Fiverr, as well as a highly converting one.