The Only 2 Things You Need To Achieve Your Goals

Nov 9, 2020


Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

What is Will?

It is the director of our actions.

It compels us to do certain things, work harder, think harder.
It also compels us to stop certain things, stop smoking or stop drinking.

It is behind rational action such as getting a glass of water when thirsty.
It is behind irrational actions such as driving dangerously.

It is the fundamental substrate of every action we do.

Some people have strong wills, they are more likely to succeed in what they choose to do.

Other people have weak wills, they just get by with whatever happens to them in life.

Will is expressed through Capability.

What is Capability?

Without Capability there is no Will, without Will there is no Capability.

We might have strong wills such as the will to build a business or climb Mt. Everest.

But without capabilities we will never achieve them.

Capabilities are how we express our Will.

They are the capacities for Will.

The Dialectic

We use our Will to develop our Capabilities.

Our capabilities in turn develop our wills.

For example, when we have the will to run 5km in 30 minutes, we will start the dialectical process.

On the first day of running we may not be as quick as 30 minutes but what happened is we start increasing our capabilities minute by minute.

Increased capabilities results in faster and faster times as we get closer to our 30 minute goal.

We start to feel more excited and encouraged.

This strengthens our Will.

The process repeats again and again until we reach our goal.