Systematizing Your Fiverr Gig

3 min readApr 18, 2020

Simple, actionable steps to turn one sale into $100,000

Systematizing is the key that will take your business from one sale to $100,000

Let’s go over the components

Building Your Customer Factory

Before you systematise you have to here’s a perspective that you can look at your business with.

Your service in it’s simplest form, is a factory in which the customer comes in, you apply work, and they leave transformed.

Once you are equipped with this mental model, the process of systematising becomes much easier.

Your action: Sketch out a factory diagram in which a stick figure stands at the entrance and one at the exit.

Label the one at the entrance with the attributes that you want your ideal customer to be, while the one at the exit will be labelled with the attributes of a positively transformed customer.

Next label the factory in between them with the type of benefits you are providing that will transform the customer.

How I did it: My ideal customer was an hungry an driven entrepreneur that had all the right attitude to succeed but was lacking the technical skills and the time to learn it.

My factory was designed to accelerate them into entrepreneurship and leave them with the confidence to go out there an crush it.

The transformed customer will be a badass entrepreneur full of confidence.

Self-awareness of your Processes

Next you need to map out the processes that underly your running business.

For this you need self-awareness.

Starting from the very beginning, pay attention to the actions that lead you to accomplishing a task, then document the next set of tasks that result from the completion of that task.

Using the factory analogy will make things clear as you break it down into the processes that run when you attract the customer to your factory, the processes that run inside the factory, and finally the processes that run when once the customer leaves the factory.

The important thing when mapping out your first system is that you have to expect that it will not perfect. The only way you can make it right is when you test it on your existing business.

Your action: Using the factory analogy, map out all the processes in your business.

How I did it: The first time I mapped out my processes I only had 5 components.

Sales -> Store Building -> Add Products -> Preview To Client -> Confirm Delivery

After running Fiverr for one year my system now has more than 20 components with indicators of bottlenecks and conditional processes.

I stress again, have the bare minimum for your initial mapping then work on constantly improving it.

Using Process Mapping To Scale

Once the processes have been mapped out, this is were the delegation begins.

By documenting the processes that run in your business, you can easily instruct and onboard new hires to how your business is run.

Now only that, you now have a bird’s eye view of the business. Which allows you to remove bottlenecks and hunt for efficiency.

Your action: Delegate processes that are repetitive so you can focus on creative aspects that boost your underlying value.

In summary, to make more money, you have to slowly remove yourself from the business and leverage on the labor of others to reach more people.

Letting go of this control is never easy but it is essential. Mentally you also have to start viewing your Fiverr gigs as part of a system or a machine that you can tweak and expand.