Pricing Strategies For Fiverr Gigs — Should You Use Discounts?

It cheapens your service

By granting a customer a discount, psychologically, you signal that the worth of the service is much less that they thought.

Attracts bad customers

While offering discounts to a customer might sour the relationship, for a bad one, this is a signal that this is the right seller to exploit. They might see discounts as a sign of weakness, which they will later exploit with negative behaviours such as

  1. Demanding more work than job scope
  2. Treating you as an inferior

Bargaining mood

By offering a discount, it triggers a bargaining mood subconsciously in some clients.

In conclusion

The art of getting a sale is a psychological game. Giving a discount will be the first step to defeat. You might get the sale now, the risks involved are high and could potentially end all your income from Fiverr.

Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash



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