Introducing sūnya 🕳 — The Non-toxic, Plastic Free, Leak Proof Bottle

How It All Started

16th July 2020

Solving A Problem

The best businesses are when you see a problem to be solved.

I can’t find a single website that says “We made this bottle to be completely toxic free, spill proof and keeps your beverage warm. This means no plastics or toxic coatings. Enjoy your beverage with a peace of mind”

— Me four months ago

Even in the worse case scenario that the business does not succeed, I still end up solving my problem, which is a win for me.

First We Start With Values

Patagonia as a brand and company is a huge inspiration for me.

Going To Market

Next I listed down the requirements for what I was looking for in a bottle.

What does sūnya mean?


Building a business is 30% planning and 70% execution.



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