How To Copywrite For Your Fiverr Gig — Part 2: Anticipate Scanning

2 min readApr 24, 2020
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Anticipate Scanning

On Fiverr, the average customer has too many options to choose from. You can bet that their actively comparing different gigs to yours. You can also expect that a large number of them still won’t be bother to read your description word for word. They will scan and skim through it instead.

Here are 3 ways to draw them in to your text and provide them with the info that they need.

Use Lists

Use lists to present important information in a easily digestible form. Using lists also builds momentum to information.

What this means is that when you want to make a point, a list where you can see all the reasons lined up is more convincing than a sentence talking about it.

Here are some list examples that you can incorporate into your Fiverr description

  1. 5 reasons we should work together
  2. 7 awesome things I will work on for you
  3. 3 reasons why this gig is better than the average one

Use Statistics

We have talked about using statistics in hooks in PT.1, but statistics are also important in the paragraphs of your gig description as well.

Statistics make your description sound more factual, authoritative and trustworthy.

Here are some example statistics that you can incorporate to your copy.

  1. 90% of entrepreneurs fail to make a sale with ecommerce
  2. 70% of logos designed will be unused due to incompatibility with the brand
  3. 80% of business report growth after using video advertisments

These are example statistics, feel free to replace them with a real number.

Use Bold & Highlight

While we’ve talked about using language and words to capture attention, we can also use design to capture attention of our viewers. Combined with the earlier techniques of hooks, lists and statistics this is a powerful way to ensure that you close the sale.

By using the bold and highlight function of your text editor you emphasizes short and snappy points that will subconsciously seem important to your reader.

Here are some examples of how you can use them:

  1. The only gig on fiverr with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee
  2. This gig will save you thousands in fees as we provide unlimited revisions

Use lists, statistics and bold to send nuggets of information directly into your readers brain while they are scanning quickly through the copy.