How To Copywrite For Your Fiverr Gig — Part 1: Using Hooks

2 min readApr 23, 2020
Photo by Roman Fox on Unsplash

Hook Them Up

Your first hook will be the most important part of your gig description. A hook is a sentence at the start of your text that captures their attention.

Most of the time it will determine whether the potential customer reads your description or not. It is important that customers read your description as it is another avenue for you to convert them into a customer.

Your main hook can be a:

  1. Declaration
  2. Promise
  3. Statistic

These three types of hooks engages a potential customer’s curiosity which urges them to continue reading.

Here are the descriptions for each type of hook.


“The only gig on Fiverr you can make money from”

Make a bold statement that will impress your reader and engage their curiosity on how you can back it up.

Make sure you really can back it up and it’s not merely an exaggeration.


“Guaranteed to get your business up and running in 5 days”

Make a promise to your potential customer that your gig will deliver.

Make sure you can fulfil this promise.


“95% of logo designers do not incorporate branding research in their logos”

A statistic makes for a very convincing statement.

Make sure you do some research before coming up with a statistic.

Your action: Write 3 different versions of a hook based on the 3 types of hooks.