5 Steps To Destroy Low Self Confidence & How To Start Today

4 min readDec 7, 2020


Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Self confidence is the force multiplier for all our actions.

This is because it frees us from our limits.

Often much of our limitations are merely limitations of the mind.

Besides recognizing the fickle nature of our thoughts, another way to break through these limitations is by creating strong self confidence.

Here are some methods

📝 Make A List Of Your Accomplishments

If there’s one thing to take away from this writing, is that you need to start keeping a list of your accomplishments.

Start today by creating a folder in your Notes app or dedicating a fresh section in your notebook journal to maintaining a list of all your accomplishments.

Start making a list of accomplishments that you are proud of.

It’s normal that you can’t think of all of them at once, but commit to some time to reviewing and adding to that list when you can think of more.

By reviewing this list regularly, you not only gain a strong confidence boost, but you will start to learn things about yourself.

You can start to study yourself from the third person point of view.

Almost like studying a bug 🐞 through a magnifying glass.

🥇 Focus On Little Victories

Often we lack self-confidence to achieve our big goals.

The journey to a billion dollar net worth starts with a thousand, a hundred thousand, a million and a hundred million.

By breaking down our goals into tiny steps, we can focus on little victories.

Little victories build confidence and momentum.

Confidence and momentum leads to success.

Sometimes on the journey to our goals, we get stuck in a rut.

We can get out of this rut by applying the same technique.

Focus on little victories.

🌲 Build Your Environment

‘Geography is destiny’

We are the result of our environment.

If we spend time around people who have no self-confidence & no ambition, is it really surprising that we turn out just like them?

We have to prioritize who we spend time with.

Going back to studying yourself like a bug, would you let this bug spend time with sick bugs or healthy bugs?

Spending time with sick bugs will only infect the bug.

We have to ‘suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret’.

Near the end of our life, we will only be filled with regret if we spent time with people who have no ambitions and living a mediocre life.

We will find out that we limited ourselves to fit in with them, and we will be filled with terrible regret.

We can’t blame other people for behaving that way, we have to change.

⚔️Become Anti-Fragile

Glass that breaks easily when dropped is fragile.

Glass that doesn’t break when dropped is robust.

Glass that becomes even stronger when dropped is anti-fragile.

Same like the potato and egg.

When the potato is exposed to boiling water, they become soft, weak and mushy.

The egg becomes tough and strong.

Same ‘disaster’ different responses.

By adopting this anti-fragile mindset, we embrace all the disasters that life throws at us.

Resolving to become stronger and harder after every setback.

Anti-fragility gives us confidence to face any setback.

If you get what you want, good.

If you didn’t, good, you learnt something and became stronger.

You win either way.

🧼Build Good Habits

Habits are a strong confidence builder because they put you on the road to success.

An ambitious person without habits is like a hiker without a trail.

It’s very easy to get lost, distracted and confused around the way.

By creating good habits, we are planting the seeds that we will reap years from now.

Having good habits give you massive confidence.

If you have a problem with being intimidated, habits will help you get over yourself.

When you see someone better than you, you can only smile and think.

“Sooner or later I’ll be better than you.”

The same way with any competitive sport.

A fighter who trains hard and is well prepared is confident in his abilities to dominate his opponent.

If you deposit money in a special bank that guarantees that it grows by $10,000 every day, how confident would you be even though you’re not wealthy currently?

Very confident.

The same way with habits, we become confident because we know sooner or later we will get what we want.


Here are things you can do today:

  1. Make your list of accomplishments and review them often
  2. Focus on little victories
  3. Study yourself like a bug 🐞
  4. Make sure the bug is in a good environment
  5. Have an anti-fragile mindset, either way you win.
  6. Develop good habits that will eventually auto-pilot you to success.

谢谢大家。 Thanks for reading.